Connect. Expand. Win.


Win-Win is a vaping product representative and brand ambassador that endeavors to be the leading vaping brand agent of choice in Greece.

Our core market or channel comprises of Associate Distributors, resellers and partners who sell our product portfolio.

As your partners, we understand your needs and strive to meet and exceed them every day. With a proven track record of outstanding performance in brand building, service, order fulfillment, delivery, product education, we are always looking to achieve success.

Working on very tight margins and dealing in high volume, we are able to establish pricing that keeps us extremely competitive while at the same time never compromising the outstanding service our partners have come to expect.

Core Values

Win-Win believes in strong organizational ethics and professional service delivery. The image of this organization is largely anchored in its precepts and ethos founded on the following core values:


We value our partners so much and thus accord them the best possible dignity, trust and equality.


Honesty is our virtue. We maintain the best possible standards to our partners and clients.


We bring together our unique differences in abilities to form one strong team that is fueled for achieving success. Together we work towards becoming your brand ambassador in the region.


We strive towards becoming reliable partners and we therefore act as we are expected to act.


We are professionals at our best and thus offer the best possible standards to our partners.

Our strengths

  • Focus on quality brands and products.
  • Strategy and action that is individualized: – providing our partners with what they require, at the time and manner that they require it.
  • An established market presence.
  • The company of choice to leading vaping companies.
  • We value the combined experience of the management team which brings up a combined force of the top-level customer service and over 25 years in sales and distribution.

Mission Statement

Win-Win is a professional distribution organization committed to:

Distributing branded vaping products to our loyal customers in the independent markets.

Servicing our customers and distributors needs while exceeding their expectations.

Differentiating ourselves by providing the best customer service.

Creating an environment which motivates everyone involved to achieve maximum sales potential.

Valuing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers.

Maintaining a vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to setting the standard in the industry.

The pursuit and achievement of our mission will result in outstanding cooperation, high job satisfaction for our associates and long-term sustainable growth for our partners.

Together, we all win!